mature older women - The Ultimate Secret Of Mature Women Pictures

mature older women - The Ultimate Secret Of Mature Women Pictures

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Backstory: I had just moved to a new city, and started at a new high school. This one goes back to my last year of high school. the last semester; I was 18. As it turned out, we had two classes together, the same spare, and the same lunch period. On my first day of school, I was eating lunch alone in the cafeteria, reading a book, and the most popular girl in school, Andrea (head of student council, and captain of a sports team) came over and started chatting with me.

I've been reading a lot of good stories here, and wanted to put one of my own out there. Long story short, we got along very well and became friends quickly. New throwaway definitely needed. One day that following summer (I'm 19), Andrea called me up, and told me she was newly single (As was mature women I). We made plans, and that Saturday night I took her to her favourite bar, with live music.

Despite her having a boyfriend, we began to hang out more and more outside school and going out on nights and weekends. I could tell there was something there. There was attraction tension between us, and it was building up.

I said "I know a place", and we were out of there. It was 2AM, with a clear sky, and lots of moonlight. At the end of the show, she said to me "I wish we could go swimming". We arrive at a secluded parking lot along the main river that runs through town, and I was thrilled that there was literally no one in the parking lot, or in sight anywhere.

Throughout the show, the heavy flirting began, and we were all over each other. I had a big crush on her, but she had a boyfriend at the time. I grabbed a blanket that I keep in the car, held her hand, and lead her down a narrow pathway that winds down to the river's edge.

At this point, I had no mature women idea how far this was going to go, but I was loving every minute of it. She was looking at me intently, and I could tell she was unsure about how undressed to get. She waited as I removed my last article of clothing, my boxers, and then she took off her bra and panties.

It was the first time we had seen each other fully naked old ladies pics, and we both took an extra few moments to admire each other's bodies. She was toned (was a competitive athlete), but had perfectly curved hips and ass, and firm C cups. The tension was so fucking hot.

Her body was incredible. After about 10 seconds, we got to a part where the depth dropped off, and the current got stonger. We both half-jokingly said "woah", which gave me the perfect time to 'rescue' her. I took her hand, and lead her into the river with me. We walked in, away from the shore, and started swimming out a bit.

The water was very frigid, but our body heat and lips were hot, so neither of us could get enough of each other. I hugged her, and she wrapped her legs around me, and then I swam us back to where I could touch bottom with my feet, but stayed where she could't touch bottom (I'm 6'3, she's 5'6). I began to get undressed. I started working my way down, kissing her neck, and then lifted her up by her ass, so that I could nibble and suck on her beautiful breasts.

She reached down, and started touching my dick, and all around it. At this point her legs are wrapped around me, we're making out, and our bodies are pressed together. I'd always wanted someone to give me butt attention, and she was the first. Meanwhile, she's stroking my hard cock, up against her clit. She started fingering me gently, and I followed her lead, and did the same, with her ass.

I reached down and started gently rubbing her clit from behind. She dropped to her knees, and stared at my cock for a few seconds. It was time for a change of venue. She then reached down, and started rubbing my ass. She was already hot and wet for me, and pressed her body down so two of my fingers entered her.

She then took me in her mouth. She told me she thought it was amazing, and I very sincerely thanked her. I carried her up out of the river, back to where our clothes were, and spread the blanket out on a big log. I kissed her lips, made my way down to her tits, kissed her up and down each leg, and then went to work, massaging her clit with my tongue, and sucking on it.

This continued for about 5 minutes, and she was extremely into it. I could tell she was getting close. Our non-verbal communication was perfect at every point. I had never had a woman give me clear feedback before, and I loved it. First, a few gentle kisses mature women on the head, mature women then up and down the shaft. I lustfully said "tell me what you want".

She started nude matures kissing it. I fingered her with just the right amount of pressure, and sucked on her clit, till her entire lower body was shaking, she was out of breath, and gushed on my face. At this point, I had to get her off. After 10-15 seconds, I pulled out, and sat her down on the blanket, and gave her a look that said "you first". She stood up, firmly grasped me, sat me down, and immediately pressed her mouth down my cock.

I thought she came, so I stopped, and was about to change activities, when she said "Damn; you almost had me". 5" around, and she was able to take 6" deep. She was driving me crazy. She grabbed my hand and pulled it toward her pussy. It was ridiculously intense. I had never seen a girl go to the side, so I was curious.

I'm 7" long, and about 5. She was milking every last drop of precum out of me, and I couldn't handle it. She then started licking my balls, and then behind my balls. She moved beside me so that she was facing me sideways, and leaned over my lap, and got me to hold her hair out of the way.

Turns out her neck swivels like crazy. I gently lifted her off me, as I couldn't take anymore, and I wasn't ready for the fun to end. She had a pierced tongue, and this was the first time I actually got why people find them pleasurable. It quickly became clear that eating my ass was turning her on, and she did it for a few minutes, from the front, and then from underneath me.

As much as I enjoyed it 100%, focusing on it made me lose my hard-on. " She resumed the sideways position, bent over my lap. She lustfully returned my "tell me what you want", and I said "I want you to go down on me again. She held by balls back, and started licking my ass. I let out an "I'm gonna cum". She slowed the bobbing right down, as I filled her mouth with a massive load.

She was the first girl to do that, and my mind was blown. It only took about two minutes. The cum and a lava-flow of saliva began pouring out of her mouth, down my shaft and balls. She was turning her head like crazy, while bobbing her head up and down on my cock. It felt like I was cumming for 10-12 seconds, and she couldn't swallow fast enough.

This was one of those perfect times in life that still makes me smile many years later; and I love to recall it from time to time. She actually spat all that she couldn't swallow down on me. We went back to the river to wash up, and then got dressed, all the while exchanging smug, satisfied glances.

The contrast between the cold air (we're still soaking wet), and the hot cum and spit on me, was probably the best post-orgasm experience of my life. I loved this, cause I could see the top of her ass as she took me in her mouth, and resumed her amazing bobbing/turning routine.

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